Opportunities in the UAE for manufacturers of aluminum windows frames and fittings.


Great opportunities in the UAE for the Italian companies in the field of aluminum windows frames (or wood / aluminum) that have in their product range, performance profiles. The market is very receptive to high quality products, design and performance of thermal and acoustic insulation.

We’ve got to work in this sector and we have compiled a list of specific products and services that the market is looking for:

  • Capacity ‘of processing high-quality’ and attention to detail for a perfect assembly of the profile.
  • Using performance profiles (in particular thermal break profiles)
  • Systems swing high thermal and acoustic insulation, with a minimum section of mm75 of the frame up to 90mm. These systems in fact contribute significantly to thermal and acoustic insulation and allow a less intensive use of air conditioning and thereby reducing the risk of respiratory disease caused precisely by the excessive use of air conditioning.
  • Laying performed under the supervision of technicians specialized business, exacting standards Klima House, whose certificates of participation, while not required, may be a very important element of competitiveness
  • Using accessories of high design and quality (handles, hinges, Cremona, etc)
  • Possibility for the company to provide the system “minimal windows”, in great demand in the market in accordance with the latest design trends.
  • Ability to build systems with large, fixed and open, max 4000×2500 mm
  • Ability to provide even lift and slide systems, not minimal, with transverse floor cashed at the same height of the floor inside and outside.
  • Ability to obtain supplies easily from suppliers of specialty glass for thermal transmittance, insulating, selective, acoustic (Repsol), etc. (For other types of glass it is possible to contact local glass factories in the UAE)
  • Financial strength of the company allowing it to approach the market with a long-term project of presence in the Gulf.
  • With these elements we have in our opinion a solid foundation for thinking to deal with the UAE market.


Euro Gulf Business Bridge may encourage the entry of the company to fixtures in the market by providing its experience in the field, established over 10 years of daily presence in the market.

Here is the route that we propose:

Step 1 – Preliminary market knowledge through the organization of a fact-finding mission and cognitive Dubai. In this way, the business owner can take direct vision of the market and the opportunities that are there to be seized through visits to designers, yards, achievements, etc. Euro Gulf will organize a series of meetings with local operators qualified, accompanying then the company at every meeting, providing logistical support, linguistic and cultural mediation.

Step 2 – Identification of local partners. Before starting any local business is important, also with a view to reduce the size of the initial investment, research and forge partnerships that a number of local suppliers: taking measurements, storage products, suppliers of glass, installation, service After sales

Step 3 – Opening a trading company in Dubai. The area of ​​windows and doors, unlike the Italian or European market, does not provide importers or representatives or showrooms. Therefore, as a second step is critical to activate a commercial presence in Dubai with its own sales force, maintaining the quality of production activity in Italy. At this stage Euro Gulf will provide all its support for the opening of the company in a short time and minimizing costs

Step 4 – Tiling Home. Euro Gulf will provide support and mentoring to the initial human resource company intended to develop trade relations in the UAE and in particular to develop relationships and relationships with architects, engineering consulting, developers and private VIP.

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