Here’s how to enter the market of the Emirates

DuabiPerche gli Emirati Arabi?
Why the United Arab Emirates?
First it should be noted that a company realizes that it is time to look to international markets and to seek professional advice internationalization which Euro Gulf, when, and only when, the product and / or business model can generate new profitable business opportunities in target markets, and thanks to this advice undertake the path of internationalization more functional.

The Emirates market, like the rest of the GCC area, is still full of great opportunities for Italian companies, but the operational differences of mentality and assume a business approach that has to be open to different solutions in defining the plan to export market penetration:

  • locate and select a distributor really functional to the type of product
  • or open a representative office where to coordinate actions targeted marketing and communication,
  • or open a trading company where you can directly manage the business generated in the region;
  • or aim for a joint venture with a local partner already in the market with a business model that will improve the performance of both the target market

The time factor: this unknown ….
A company that wants to undertake a process of internationalization can not underestimate the time, economic investments and dedication employed in its market to establish its product or even become a brand, the first to look beyond their borders and expect to position itself in the course of few months.

The UAE does not have a market suitable for companies that aim to grasp an immediate result in terms of sales: this is not the market for those who think to find the best solution and faster to solve the problems of lack of turnover.

Addressing a new market, as can be to the Emirates, peranto presupposes the definition of a detailed plan that includes:

  • a planned strategy (without a strategic plan and a goal no plan can be considered as such);
    a dedicated budget;
  • a competitive and efficient corporate and tax framework for the market to take full advantage of all the facilities;
  • a valid and accredited consultant of internationalization that really knows the market and target the daily lives and who can advise the company in the performance of all its activities.

EURO Gulf Business Bridge accompanies the company that wants to approach the area of ​​the Emirates according to a simple and logical at the same time:

  • Preliminary market knowledge
  • Fixing the next penetration strategies
  • Share of direct assistance in support of the best entry strategy
  • Continued assistance depending on the degree of level of entry into the market
  • EUR Gulf Business Bridge operates from 10 years in the UAE as a consulting company for internationalization can provide full assistance to Italian companies interested in operating directly in the market.

We are not agents it distributors, we are consultants: we know this market very well because we are present on a daily basis since 2006 and this has allowed us to develop a significant and long experience.

For this we assist, advise and accompany companies before defining together the strategy, then the actions and the right tools (in terms of marketing, communications, legal, tax and management control), to achieve the objectives.