12 August 2015


Here are the details of our strategic consulting services and operational development of international projects in the United Arab Emirates

We carry out extensive market research to allow the customer to obtain information about the real opportunities in their field merceologico.Il typical content of our research is:

1. The estimated size of the market. We provide a very precise indication of the value of trade import / export, for single Customs Code, between the UAE and the rest of the world.

2. Distribution channels and marginsFor the sector under observation, diagram is provided in the distribution chain – from the importer/producer to consumer – indicating the chain margins for each step

3. This Competition and its organization

It provides a detailed account of the competitors present with an indication of the local organization.

4. Products and present relevant regulations

It provides a detailed picture of the types of products available as well as an indication of local regulations that apply to the specific product.

5. Prices charged

For B2C sectors they are detected retail prices charged in stores

6. Distribution and list operators

The distribution of the specific sector is analyzed in photos, with details of operators and their contact information

7. Methods of marketing and communication

It tells you how promotion and communication in use for the specific sector indicating instruments and related costs

Market research generally will be ready to delivery after 30 working days from the date of the appointed job.

The goal of the business mission is to meet directly, at their own offices,  the most important local distributors.

To achieve these purposes the business mission is organized as follows:

1. Euro Gulf Business Bridge will contact directly the local importer/potential partner in order to verify the real interest to meet the company, then , in case of interest a definitive meeting is fixed.

2. During the period of the mission, the business delegation is fully supported by Euro Gulf Business Bridge for the logistic, language and cultural mediation. The Delegation will be accompanied at all meetings by staff Euro Gulf Business Bridge, so that meetings with local operators are as beneficial as possible

3. At the end of the business mission the future contacts with the local UAE company must be followed directly by the export manager or representative of the company, therefore Euro Gulf Business Bridge will not receive, in addition to the agreed fee, any commission in case of business development.

The task of Euro Gulf Business Bridge is actually to arrange appointments with operators who have expressed interest to meet the delegation of the corporate customer and to provide maximum support during this first meeting.

The positive outcome of the negotiations or the actual signing of agreements with operators encountered, instead depend both by the proposals in terms of product and business, both from the customer’s ability to maintain active relationship over time.

It ‘s always important to remember that this is not a market where you can hope to do business after just one meeting.

Period of the mission

The missions have a duration of 3/4 days and in general to the following schedule.

  • Sunday: Arrival of the delegation
  • From Monday to Wednesday/Thursday: meetings with the operators at their own offices. ( every day we can arrange not more than 3 business meetings)
  • Thursday/Friday: the return of the delegation to his country

Materials to be provided for the organization of the business mission

In order to allow Euro Gulf Business Bridge to prepare all the meetings we need to receive in advance a short company profile, catalogue of products/services offered, all in English language and in PDF format, along with business cards of the business mission delegation.

Only for the following products:


Euro Gulf provides the service of product presentation for importers and distributors in the target.

The goal of this activity is to introduce directly to selected distributors the product and provide general company information, as a second step the company can continue to maintain an active relationship with the selected importer.

1. Euro Gulf Business Bridge will select, among the companies importing / distributors present in the UAE, in the target, ie those local actors who possess the characteristics desired by the company in terms of size, distribution, and organizational image.

2. Following an initial telephone contact with the distributor to identify the person of the buyer / purchasing manager Reference

3. Following direct contact with the person identified to make an appointment at their home.

4. During the visit, our officer will present the client company through company profile and catalog and, possibly small sampling

5. During the meeting is then verified the interest of buyers to come into direct contact with the owner or officer of the client.

6. After making meetings Euro Gulf Business Bridge provides the customer with a complete list of the firms for which the presentation was made, the references of buyers met and the feedback received.

After the presentation, Euro Gulf will provide a full report with all the information of the met local importers and some notes, after that Euro Gulf Business Bridge will not receive, in addition to the agreed fee, any other commission.

EUR Gulf Business Bridge remains available for further future local support if requested by the customer, such as any follow-up actions or logistical assistance, linguistic and cultural mediation in the case of a possible mission of the owner in Dubai to meet operators .

In this case the economic terms of this additional assistance will be specified with other proposal.

Materials needed for the organization and the engagement

To allow Euro Gulf Business Bridge to prepare meetings with the operators, the company will provide: Company Profile, Products Catalogues and business cards from the owner or manager of export business over a possible sampling.

This service is usually conducted within a month from the engagement, with delivery of the final report of the meetings held at the end of the service.

Euro Gulf Business Bridge, in collaboration with selected local professionals specializing in the treatment of all legal and administrative, provides a service for opening companies in the UAE.

COMPANY WITH LOCAL PARTNER (51%) IN MAIN LANDTo start a business in the UAE is necessary to obtain a specific license.License categoriesare as follows:

  • Commercial licenses: covering all types of commercial activity
  • Industrial licenses: to establish industrial or manufacturing
  • Professional licenses: include professions, services, and craftsmen

These licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development (except licenses for hotels and other businesses related to tourism, which are issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing).

Licenses for some categories of business require the prior approval of, however, some ministries and other federal authorities, for example:

  • the banking and financial institutions by the Central Bank of the UAE;
  • insurance companies and related agencies from the Ministry of Economy and Trade;
  • pharmaceutical and medical products from the Ministry of Health.

More detailed procedures are applied to business related to the production of oil and gas and related industries.

In general, all commercial and industrial activities must then be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Another opportunity, able to give great fiscal advantages ,it s to set up a company in one of the several Uae Free Zones totally free tax.

To date, the Free Zones are active in all 35.

Each Free Zone is partially autonomous and offers different conditions; But all have extremely significant benefits:

  • possibility 100% foreign ownership;
  • no personal income tax, no capital gains tax;
  • duty-free import and export;
  • free to transfer profits and capital abroad;
  • the presence of excellent infrastructure, energy supply at low cost, a vibrant entrepreneurial environment where you can create interesting synergies with other businesses complete the picture of one of the most attractive areas for business worldwide

Also operate in the Free Zone are used to obtain specific licenses and requirements vary by area and type of license required.

It ‘still required the presence of at least an office in the Free Zone, the appointment of a director and a secretary who are individuals and at least one of them must be resident in the UAE (sometimes the two roles may be performed by the same person).

How does Euro Gulf Business Bridge

Depending on the business decision to open in main land with the local partner’s share to 51% mandatory, or in free zones the assistance of Euro Gulf Business Bridge provides:

  • Search local partner when opening company in mainland
  • Free Zone selection more suitable for the type of activity
  • Identification code to request activities Trade Licence
  • Coordination with Economic Department or the offices of the free zones for completion of all bureaucratic procedures required for issuing license: forms to be submitted to the Court, company name registration, articles of association

Once granted the license Euro Gulf Business Bridge provides services for:

  • Medical Fitness Test
  • Request for Residence Visa holder activities and employees
  • Request establishment card
  • Release Company Immigration Card
  • Labour card
  • Emirates ID