Genesia Gioielli in Dubai at Burj Al Arab

Genesia Gioielli With the consulting assistance of Euro Gulf Business Bridge, Genesia Gioielli brand of  tuscany company Trendy Srl (, is now present with her jewelry in Dubai.

Thanks to the agreement with a local importer, the Italian company is now present in a boutique in the icon of the international luxury world, the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel (more known in Italy as “La Vela ‘), the’ only 7-star hotel and, therefore, undoubtedly the most luxurious hotel in the world,

In addition to the Burj Al Arab, the local distributor UAE exposes the brand Genesia in the boutiques of the prestigious Mall of the Emirates, Deerfields Abu Dhabi, Ajman City Center.

The importer also has also already proposed to the Tuscan company, the opportunity to be present in the prestigious location of the Duty Free in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and in the most prestigious boutiques in Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where the sales of the next six months were in line with expectations.

The exceptional results obtained from Genesia Jewellery and ‘the result of a mix of elements which include:

  • company’s ability to offer unique products and high-exclusive design
  • business flexibility and active cooperation with the consultant with frequent visits of the owners in Dubai to strengthen the rapport with the selected distributor
  • business investment and programming
  • assistance of a professional consultant, with 11 years of experience in the Gulf and Middle East market

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