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Dubai Industril City Euro Gulf Business Bridge, thanks to the cooperation between our company and the Authority of Dubai Industrial Park management, and ‘pleased to inform that the Italian companies specialized in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, interested in opening their activities in Dubai are now a whole range of services and infrastructure ready-to-use which facilitate and speed, with a marked reduction in time, cost and bureaucratic procedures, their presence on the territory of the UAE.

In order to diversify the economy from the traditional sector of oil & gas, today the manufacturing sector contributes a significant share of around 23% to the GDP of the UAE. The indistriali the fields of mechanics, production machinery, metals and chemical industry up to 49% of the manufacturing sector in the UAE. Overall the manufacturing sector, construction, wholesale and retail trade account for more than 50% in non-oil GDP and the trend and ‘constantly increasing.

Another highly interesting area and ‘one represented by logistics: Dubaai comes after Hong Kong and Singapore, as the 3rd largest re-export hub in the world. Nearly 3 million tons of air transport and M TEU in container transport via marePiù of 50 million passengers by air. Every two minutes, a plane takes off or lands in Dubai.

The logistics hub of Dubai Industrial Park offers businesses many strategic advantages, thanks to the fact of being right in the middle of an area that includes Europe, Asia and Africa with the further advantage of having: Italy and Europe to 5/6 hours flight. The Mediterranean 5-hour flight to Hong Kong and Singapore 7-8 hour flight Businesses related to logistics are in Dubai Industrial Park a number of advantages such as proximity of the port of Jebel Ali and Dubai World Central airport (both less than 15 minutes).

Once the works were completed Dubai World Central will be ‘specialized in fast logistics offering companies direct access to the largest airport in the world in terms of volume and size.

Dubai Industrial Park offers:

  • Rental of land with infrastructure already built (roads, electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Stores already prepared for different uses
  • Open spaces for storage of building materials, machine operators, vehicles, etc.
  • Buildings to house the workforce
  • Showroom for products and services for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Offices

Also Dubai Industrial Park ‘in the vicinity of the area which will house Dubai Expo 2020.

For Italian companies interested in settling in Dubai Industrial Park, Euro Gulf Business Bridge provides all the support and advice for opening companies, local partners search, assistance in signing the agreements with the management entity of Dubai Industrial Park for the warehouses rent or offices, assistance for research work force, opening bank accounts, etc., etc.

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