Dubai is focusing on renewable energy (and incentives it).

solare desertoIs currently being approved by the UAE authorities, the regulatory framework of the draft regulatory incentive solar energy in the territory of Dubai.

Final approval will allow UAE residents to install solar panels with the possibility of selling the energy produced to the electricity grid of the emirate.

It is therefore expected that the regulatory framework will facilitate the relationship with the manager or the national reference Dewa (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and will allow residents and businesses to generate solar power that will be fed into the grid. It ‘clear that this program will promote in particular the large energy consumers, thus compensating their dependence on the network.

The UAE currently generate 95 percent of electricity by means of traditional sources, this new supply system is the best solution, since it can help reduce the emirate’s dependence on fossil fuels and a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions.

Hand in hand also areas related to wind power, air conditioning by means of radiant floor systems and the generation of hot water with solar panels, are having strong growth potential. Simply put Dubai is focusing on renewable energy!

And also ‘it was launched a few weeks also a online portal, which allows buyers easy access to bank loans (Source: Gulf News, -Products-launches-in-dubai-1.1608042)

The Dubai Economic Department, in collaboration with the Dubai Green Economy Partnership (Dubai DEP), has launched the portal in fact Green Deal Dubai (, a platform for e-commerce to provide a one shop eco-friendly technologies such as solar panels kits, solar water heaters, water savers and the like.

The portal will link directly to suppliers with consumers on green technology available on the market. Using a model of crowdsourcing, the Green Deal relies on the collective bargaining power that brings down product prices.

Green Deal Dubai facilitates the market adoption of green technologies and products among residents of the UAE.

Currently there is a system of financing using credit card bank and funding staff to low interest rates through the Emirates Islamic Bank.

The use of the credit card of Emirates Islamic Bank, allows customers to purchase any product online payment with possibility of going from six to twelve months with interest rates of 1.2%.

For the long-term financing, Emirates Islamic finance products that can cost between Dh5,000 to Dh120,000 for 48 months with interest flat at 2.6 percent.

Currently, two products are available through the platform: air conditioning radiant system, kits of solar panels.

EUR Gulf can provide assistance to Italian manufacturers of systems related to the green economy by activating their service of “Product Presentation” with distributors in target selection, identification of the buyer contact, visit and presentation of the company and its propotti.

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