Jewellery in Dubai: so many opportunities!

dubai mall gold souqA recent B2B mission, organized for a Tuscan company specializing in the production of unique jewels set with pearls, allowed us to get in touch with the most important distributors of the jewelery industry in Dubai and identify its buyers.

The demand for jewelry is affected by the different tastes of the many expatriates from Europe, Asia, Africa and Arab countries, residents in the UAE; additional feature is the high level of income per capita of the local nationality population (about 800,000 residents), making it a potentially attractive buyer, as well as the steady influx of tourists from the Arab region, particularly provenineti from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman .

The exporter who wish to undertake business with UAE partners, must keep in mind, though, that the Arabs traditionally tend to be loyal to suppliers who in the past have already proved their confidence and they have already tested the reliability; personal contact is therefore very important and should be repeated periodically with subsequent visits to the first meeting.

The Emirates are the largest consumers of jewelry in the Gulf region: Dubai absorbs 65%, Abu Dhabi 18%. The forecasts for the future of the jewelry market are positive.

The federal government has put in place to support the industry trade rules, together with the known high disposable income of these countries (no taxes) and their ability to consider buying jewelry as a form of investment on the one hand and as a status symbol on the other hand, they indicate a generally positive trend.

If you add that the tourism sector has increased flows in the whole area is estimated that the Gulf will be in the near future one of the most attractive for foreign and Italian operators in particular, in consideration of the allocation to Dubai the next edition of Expo 2020.

The jewelry purchases from European homes continue at a rapid rate and the position of Italy has gradually consolidating, thanks to the characteristics of quality, finish, design and sophistication of units sold.

Buyers demand more and more the choice of as many models as possible. Therefore the design is and will increasingly be, the key to winning market share in the UAE.

Consumers are demanding new products, new ideas in short, continuous innovations. Italian companies interested can contact us for more details compiliando the form below.

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