pannelli abu dhabi The recent collapse in crude oil prices do not affect the economy of the Emirate of Dubai.

At one time, Dubai’s economy was based almost exclusively on oil. Today, Dubai is directly dependent on oil profits only about 4% of its GDP.

For years, Dubai has planned and implemented a thorough diversification of its economy through large investments made in the development of massive infrastructure, increase of international tourism, development of trade and services, real estate expansion and creation of districts manufatturieri.

Diversification of the economy involved altresi choice for appovvionamento energy, next to oil and gas is finding it more and more space and interest in the renewable energy sector.

Besides legal obligations involving the ‘ulitizzo for new projects of solar panels to produce hot water as soon as possible and also the use of photovoltaic panels (and’ being the completion of the regulatory framework for the sale to the sole manager of the Dewa of energy produced by individuals or companies) also the local banks are committed to provide all the necessary financial assistance for the final use of the new and latest technologies related to alternative energy sector.

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD is committed to allocate 10 billion dollars for the financing of renewable energy projects and environmentally sustainable in the next decade and necessary in the coming years to meet the energy demand.

The announcement ‘came during the last event of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), where world leaders and companies are discussing various issues of sustainable development.

Italian companies operating in the renewable energy sector, have therefore concrete possibility of entry into this market.

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